💻 UX Design

I am a versatile professional focused on understand and improve how people interact with digital products and services. 

I like to analyse data or systems to reduce complexity for people, both users and companies, and facilitate how we interact with digital products.

I enjoy working in multi-cultural teams, and I am not afraid to explore outside of my comfort zone – it is the only way to learn! I genuinely believe “the devil is in the details”, as they make the difference to create great products.

Case studies


A digital communicator to help boys and girls on the autism spectrum communicate.

Double Diamond
3-month sprint

Project Manager
UX Designer


The Cultural Me

Daily bite-sized articles on the arts and culture and information on cultural events in your city, all specially selected for you. The Cultural Me is a language-learning app with a difference: Instead of learning a new language, you learn to be fluent in the arts and culture.

Lean UX
3 week sprint

Project Manager
UX Researcher


The Curtain Hotel

How do we explore the places we travel to? Go to the must-see touristic attractions or look for the hidden gems? What is there to do out off the beaten track?

If you are looking to experience a place as locals do, this is your app: The Curtain, a five-star hotel located in London, helps you to discover what is out off the beaten track

Lean UX
2 week sprint

Project Manager


Recycle more, recycle better

Recycle more, recycle better

How many waste did you produce today? A yoghurt pot, a plastic bottle, some fruit peel maybe? Did you recycle that? 

Every day tons of garbage is generated and most of it does not make it to the right bin in order to be recycled.What do we need to recycle successfully?

Lean UX
1 week sprint

End to end design



There is one goal: To create a great digital experience that meets both user’s and company’s goal. To make this happen, there are many frameworks and approaches: The Human Centred Design created by IDEO, Design Thinking created by Standford, the Double Diamond created by the British Design Council… I like to explore and understand as many points of view as possible, as it all helps to see the big picture and grow your toolkit.

I start a project having the Double Diamond as a reference. It was created as a framework for innovation in 2004 by the British Design Council, in order to help designers and non-designers to tackle complex problems. The two diamonds represent a process of exploring an issue more widely or deeply (divergent thinking) and then taking focused action (convergent thinking).


The first step is to understand the problem people are facing and fight assumptions.

· Competitive analysis
· User research
· Affinitiy mapping
· User journey
· Experience map
· Proto persona


The goal is to define the challenge. What is the problem we are really trying to solve?

· Problem statement
· How Might We
· Hypothesis
· User goals
· Persona
· Storyboard


Let’s imagine different solutions for the problem together, involving as many voices as needed.

· User flow
· Wireflow
· Information Architecture
· Paper prototype
· User testings
· Lo-fi wirefrimes
· Visual design


Test the solutions, iterate, improve them and give away all the details to make them work. And keep iterating!

· Hi-fi wireframes
· Usability testings
· Iterations
· Prototype
· Next steps