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My name is Alicia; born and bred in La Rioja and now living in Barcelona. I discovered Factorial in 2020 thanks to Lo de producto’ podcast, by César Migueláñez and Marcos Medina.

The more I learned about Factorial’s mission and culture, the more it resonated with me. So I contacted César, the VP of Product back then, and had the opportunity to chat with him. I am very thankful for that opportunity to know more about what Factorial look for your Product team. Since then, I have been taking steps in that direction, first taking the Product Design course at The Hero Camp to improve my skills in understanding data and making better business decisions.

I am genuinely interested in what Factorial does and, especially, how you do it

I value Factorial’s mission as it wants to free HR teams from repetitive tasks, so they have more time to focus on what really matters: People and culture. More time to innovate, find and retain talent; more energy to make sure the culture is alive and improve it. But what I am really excited about is how you do it.

I listened carefully to some of your podcasts and videos to understand why the company was created, your goals and how you are making it happen. I appreciate what you look for in a potential employee from the Product Maker holistic point of view; and how you value developers or product people being not too specialised, so they can see the whole picture and find better solutions. I understand how the skills involved in the Product Designer, Product Manager and User Researcher roles are key to making things happen. That got me really excited, as I really think I can offer what you look for in an employee and help Factorial achieve its goals.

Factorial logo
Factorial logo
2016 – 2021

Factorial facts I love

Design System

How to make things easier to grow from a small team created in 2016 to an international service with +500 employees in 2022? Working on the Design System before writing any code helps to facilitate scalability and gives more time to innovate and find new problems to solve 👏

Why Factorial? (❗️)

It was a great surprise to learn about the factorial property, as I am always curious why a company chose its name. I like how it reflects growth in its pure state and represent Factorial’s mission: To facilitate the development of companies, employees and robust cultures.

The Factorial Fu

How to calculate the Factorial Fu? Apparently, Pau Ramon has a magic spreadsheet to manage Factorial teams, mentioned in the first Lo de Producto Show streaming at Twich. At the moment, I do not have any key performance indicator to calculate it, but willing to facilitate that 🙌

As for me, I am curious about all the stages involved when creating digital solutions

I enjoy the whole end-to-end design process, as it integrates fundamental analytical and creative skills. I have experience applying human-centred design and UX fundamentals, including user research, synthesis, design, and prototyping. I have also been trained in Lean and Agile methodology, plus the essential tools and software needed.

I like to analyse and understand data or systems to reduce complexity for people, both users and companies, and facilitate how we interact with digital products. I enjoy working in multi-cultural teams, and I am not afraid to explore outside of my comfort zone – it is the only way to learn! I genuinely believe “the devil is in the details“, as they make the difference to deliver great products and experiences to final users.

Over the last 10 years, I have been lucky enough to work in several digital start-ups and consulting agencies, and sectors such as education, tourism, sustainability or entrepreneurship. I have been responsible for various tasks, such as digital strategy design, web design, online marketing, content, social media management, KPI analysis and improvement proposals. All this helped me learn how to balance user needs and business goals, effectively communicate, and work in a cross-functional team environment.

And now, what?

I would love to know more about what Factorial needs now and an opportunity to demonstrate how I would be a great addition to your team.

Last but not least, I appreciate how you describe the job position and detail the hiring process. It is excellent to hear you offer a direct line to your customers willing to talk and help Factorial get even better. I do feel like I belong at a product-first company, and I want to be part of the best product team in the world 😉


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